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The amount of compensation in such cases will be China car inverter Suppliers

The discoms will attend to the complaint and will send a confirmation message to consumers with the date and time of restoration, the statement said. For the next hour, consumers will be paid Rs 50, after which compensation will be paid at a rate of Rs 100 per hour.New Delhi: Delhiites will now be compensated for the unscheduled power cuts as lieutenant-governor Anil Bai-jal on Thursday approved the AAP government’s pr-oposal mandating an hourly compensation of Rs 100 to consumers in case of unscheduled power cuts.As per the proposed policy, power discoms will have to pay their consumers for unscheduled power cuts, after first hour, at an hourly rate of Rs 100.The proposal to compensate consumers for unscheduled outages by power discoms in the national capital was approved by chief minister Arvind Kejriwal a few days ago and was sent for the L-G’s approval.The first hour exemption from penalty will be available once a day for the discoms. The amount of compensation in such cases will be China car inverter Suppliers `5,000 or five times of the compensation payable, whichever is higher, said the statement.

Critical thought, one that questions the workings of power in perpetuating injustice, inequality, and discursive erasure, is the antidote to the global rise of image politics.The fundamental idea behind democracy is its openness to a wide range of symbols, which offer a window into the plurality of ideas. For those at the margins of society, the struggle is often over securing access to the sites of symbol making as well as over removing material markers of oppression. These tensions are reflective of struggles over power in perpetuating racist ideas, the opportunities for transformations in these racist logics that have for long served as dominant ideas of the US, and the deep histories of slavery and racism in the US.Look for instance at the tensions over the removal of Confederate statues (markers of White supremacy and support for slavery) in the US.

These statues are reflective of a colonial past and a history that is fairly oppressive, with those particular icons being markers of oppression and attack on human freedom. The presence of these statues in public spaces threatens the very idea of democracy, marking who can and cant participate in democratic opportunities. The emergence of movements for removal of statues of the leaders and members of the Ku Klux Klan and defenders of slavery is a transformative opportunity for interrogating and challenging the deeply racist rationalities that threaten human dignity and equal opportunity. Symbols and imagery become shortcuts to political movements as well as co-opt possibilities of democracy through the circulation of images of hate and bigotry. The various sorts of strategies of authoritarian power and control we are witnessing globally are reflections of the democracy deficit catalysed by neoliberal policies that systematically target democracies and erase opportunities for voice even as they consolidate power in the hands of the global elite.

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